Spirituality Flags

Polytheism Pride Flag

The Polytheism Pride Flag is a flag meant to represent polytheism and polytheistic traditions collectively in an abstract yet unifying manner. The circle in the middle represents the cosmic void – something that is frequently represented in many ancient cultures as the ageless, formeless progenitor of the gods and goddesses. The eight head silhouettes that surround the circle are meant to represent how deities in polytheistic cultures exist as immanent and distinct yet closely related beings – spread about the cosmos. I chose to represent abstract, unpersonified deities as eight heads to reinforce the spatial relationship that deities have in ancient mythologies – reflected by the eight primary directions of a traditional compass. Eight primal deities or forces are also replete in ancient traditions, including the Egyptian Ogdoad and the Taoist Bagua as well as by the modern chaos star in Chaos Magick to a lesser extent. I chose light brown for the disc behind the core symbol to represent how in spite of their immanent nature, gods and goddesses are grounded in earthly affairs and the experiences of the mortals who worship them. I chose an olive green for the field of the flag to represent the natural world that comprises the primal domain of the gods and goddesses.