Erotic Commissions

As a traditional poet, I specialize in fixed form or closed-form poetry. As opposed to the free verse poetry that is arguably the most prevalent in modern times, my poetry uses a fixed verse, meaning that a set template or formula of my chosing – including a specific meter, rhyme scheme, and stanza structure, is used to compose a given poem. My creativity thrives in this kind of artistic format. My poetic style is best described as textual vignette, and is most exemplified by highly verbose and deliberate usage of descriptive language to paint a picture of an environment, a short scenario, an abstract concept, an emotional state, and a variety of other subjects.

For those of you who are interested in my erotic work, I prefer to focus my commissions on gay, erotic, fat fetishism oriented content. Though I deeply enjoy darker aesthetics and concepts, I also don’t want to focus too heavily on extremely violent or grotesque subject matter. I also will not take commissions for poems that feature overtly political topics. I will not write erotic poems that feature blood, scat, piss, vore, hyper, macro or micro, incest, underage characters, mutilation, or extreme degradation. If you’re unsure about a particular subject for a commission, just ask. Outside of those restrictions, I have a pretty broad palette of creative ideas that I can work with. I enjoy writing erotic poems about classic weight gain, feeding, and fat play the most. Much of my erotic poetry takes on a narrative or thematic quality in fact – even more so than my primary creative works. I’m very aesthetically driven and sensuous, so in addition to more familiar fetish themes, aesthetically driven erotic poems appeal to me greatly. I am most drawn to the idea of writing erotic poems that feature realistic weight gain and feeding scenarios that are safe, sane, and consensual wherever possible. I am however open to fantasy scenarios – particularly in the context of more subtle magical realism.

I will be taking poetry commissions on a first come first serve basis, and I prefer to give myself at least a few days to complete them, in most situations. That said, I prefer to maintain regular communication with my clients during the creative process, whenever possible. Despite my traditionalist mindset, I’m quite flexible creatively, and I enjoy getting input from people who I take commissions from. Commission provides me with more ways to inspire further creative development, and the more transparent communication I have with my clients about the creation of the whole piece, the better.

I will be charging $2.00 USD for every 100 words, or $0.02 USD per word. My poems are typically shorter – approaching 100 words in total. This is my ideal length for poems. Medium length poems approaching 200 words are less common for me, and I’ve yet to write poems that are much longer than that. If you commission me for a poem, you can expect your poem to be closer to $2.00 USD, but if you present a more complex subject, it will probably be closer to $4.00 USD. In the rare instance that I think that your poem might significantly exceed 200 words, I will inform you of that as soon as possible. If you are interested in commissioning a poem the best place to reach me is either on Discord as Eugene Faust#4496, or by traditional email as provided below.