I am a polytheist, metalhead, cyberpunk, retrofuturist, aestheticist, kinkster, traditional poet, and an enthusiast of alternative music, aesthetics, philosophy, subculture, and sexuality. I am a strong advocate for history and philosophy in general, but I have been especially entertained by alternative history, as well as retrofuturism, historical fantasy, and other more socially challenging forms of speculative fiction, such as in classic cyberpunk literature. I am very passionate about alternative and experimental music, and have developed a complex palette in dark alternative, folk, rock, metal, electronic, and many others. I always find myself amazed by the compelling forms of art, music, and literature that are available to us in modern times, and seek to share them with others whenever I can. Aesthetically speaking, my taste in music, art, and literature exist not only at the intersection of the macabre and antiquarian, but are also deeply informed by my lifelong experiences within the pagan community. For this reason, I most strongly enjoy classical and neoclassical aesthetics, and any artistic format that promotes a dark, moody, elegiac, ethereal, arcane, and historical atmosphere.

Spiritually speaking, I have an abiding love of polytheism, pagan religions, spirituality, and mysticism – including devotional spiritual practices, relevant communites, social media, spiritual themed blogs and oracular consultation. I am a multi-traditional or polypraxic devotional polytheist. I practice Cultus Deorum Romanorum, Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, Kemeticism and Shinto. I have been practicing traditional polytheism for over a decade now, and have been a part of the pagan community in some capacity since I was in high school. Though my practice centers on the animistic, polytheistic traditions of the ancient world, I am also very familiar with other historical traditions – both in their exoteric and esoteric varieties, as well as contemporary and pre-modern magical traditions and alternative spirituality more generally.

As far as my sexuality is concerned, I approach kink and eroticism as something worthy of both enjoyment and examination – including deep discussion of symbols and tropes and the development of both the philosophical and aesthetic dimensions of fetish. For this reason, I have maintained regular contact with people in the broader fetish community, particularly online, and have made various creative contributions to fetish culture as a whole in the past. There’s plenty of enjoyment to go around, but not many people are advocating for sex positivity in a mature and honest manner. I endeavor to apply the same kind of acumen to fetishism as I do with my other intellectual and aesthetic pursuits, and much in the way that I do with respect to spirituality and subculture, I endeavor to provide support and solidarity to people in the fetish community – particularly as an advocate of adipophilia and fat furs.