I am a polytheist, goth, metalhead, cyberpunk, retrofuturist, aestheticist, traditional poet, and enthusiast of dark alternative music, aesthetics, philosophy, and subculture. I am a strong advocate for history and philosophy in general, but I have been especially entertained by alternative history, as well as retrofuturism, historical fantasy, and other more socially challenging forms of speculative fiction, such as in classic cyberpunk literature. I am very passionate about alternative and experimental music, and have developed a complex palette in dark alternative, folk, rock, metal, electronic, and many others. I always find myself amazed by the compelling forms of art, music, and literature that are available to us in modern times, and seek to share them with others whenever I can. Aesthetically speaking, my taste in music, art, and literature exist not only at the intersection of the macabre and antiquarian, but are also deeply informed by my lifelong experiences within the pagan community. For this reason, I most strongly enjoy classical and neoclassical aesthetics, and any artistic format that promotes a dark, moody, elegiac, ethereal, arcane, and historical atmosphere.